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Fresh Water - Water Treatment

Phosphate Stop

High nitrate and phosphate levels are rarely found in the biotopes where tropical fish live. In our aquariums, this situation is not necessarily the case. Through food remnants, fecal matter and urine produced by fish the maximum level allowable for phosphate is quickly reached if not exceeded. When this occurs, an undesirable algae growth can be the result.

In our tap water high levels may also be measured: the cause of this is the fertilization of vegetables and other plants through the use of phosphate- and nitrate-laden nitrogens. Via these fertilization activities, the ground water is affected, resulting in excessive levels of phosphate and nitrate.

For this reason, the use of osmosis water is highly recommended. Phosphate is found everywhere in the aquarium, of which the highest concentrations may be found in the substrate of the aquarium (accumulation). This can lead to a repeated increase in the phosphate level after a period of time. Additionally, some types of active carbon (acid-activated) can tend to release phosphates into the aquarium.

PHOSPHAT STOP absorbs phosphate rapidly and effectively, whereby important elements are removed from algae. Result: the algae growth is significantly curbed. The ideal value in a freshwater aquarium is 0,1 mg./ltr. It is recommended not to exceed 1 mg/ltr phosphate.


Rinse the PHOSPHAT STOP for two minutes with lukewarm water. Place the filter net with the PHOSPHAT STOP in the filter and make sure that a maximum amount of water flows through the bag. Even when the product is saturated, PHOSPHAT STOP will not release phosphates back into the water.


300 ml packaging in net for aquariums up to 300 ltr with levels from 0.5 to 1mg /ltr.
600 ml packaging in net for aquariums up to 600 ltr with levels from 0.5 to 1mg./ltr


When the aquarium water takes on a yellow or ochre color, it is recommended to filter using CARBO AKTIF EXCEL (evaporation-activated). This way phenoles and unpleasant odors will be removed and the effect of PHOSPHAT STOP increased.
By an excessive nitrate level (> 30 mg), NITRAT STOP is an excellent means of reducing this high level.

300 ml

AN PS 07 580

600 ml

AN PS 07 582